Matravers School


Summer School

Summer School 2021

We were delighted to deliver Matravers Summer School between 23 and 27 August 2021 during which over 100 Year 6 pupils attended.

Our Summer School provided an invaluable opportunity for our new year 7 pupils to get to know each other and the Matravers family. We delivered a wide range of academic and enrichment activities including creative writing, numeracy skills, French, team building and sports.

Thank you to the Matravers family for the positive feedback we have received:

‘I think it was a brilliant idea for the new year 7’s and it really helped my son with his anxiety about transition.'

‘My daughter really enjoyed it. She met some new friends, got a feel for the school and met some of the staff. It definitely made her have a more positive start especially after the last 18 months.’

‘My son really enjoyed making new friends and getting a feel for ‘a day in the life of Matravers'. We as a family are really grateful for the opportunity for our son to familiarise himself with the school and to help settle his nerves.’

'My daughter really enjoyed Summer School, she was originally only meant to attend Monday to Wednesday, but she loved it so much we had to ask if she could attend another day.'

Our evaluation rating:

♦♦♦♦♦ Average Rating 4.73

 How much funding did we receive?

We received a total of £14,117.82 towards our Summer School.


How did we spend this funding?            

  • Staffing: £10,442.35
  • Learning resources: £841.72
  • Site: £771.76
  • Catering: £2,061.99