Matravers School


Site Masterplan

Our Vision is for Matravers School to provide the best opportunities for all those within the Matravers family.

Key Principles

  • Constantly enhancing the quality of the school facilities that exist.
  • Enhancing our Sports Provision through creation of a Sports Village on site.
  • Improving our Arts Provision through provision of more diverse facilities.
  • Extending our ability to provide facilities for the community.
  • Removing temporary accommodation from the site.
  • Enhancing the quality and diversity of the specialist teaching accommodation that we have.
  • Accessing funding streams so we can to help us met our principles.

Over the last several years this includes:

  • Installation of a fitness-suite
  • Refurbishment of Learning Support area
  • Installation of cycle facilities
  • Installation of Astro-turf
  • Installation of Outdoor sports lighting
  • Creation of Sixth Form Seminar rooms
  • Replacement roof Projects across the site
  • Refurbishment of Main Block
  • Building of new STEM Centre
  • Installation of Climbing Wall

In total, spending over £11 million on the site.

Over the next few years we will continue to deliver our Site Masterplan to meet our aspirations.