Matravers School



Matravers has a broad and balanced curriculum designed to meet our core vision of creating the best opportunities for all those in our Matravers family.

Across All Key Stages 

We believe in our Core Attributes delivering Success for our pupils. Our curriculum embeds and nurtures the attributes of:

  • Ambition; 
  • Creativity
  • Happiness;
  • Resilience;
  • and Selflessness

These key attributes will lead to a pupil being equipped and ready for life beyond Matravers.  

We believe in Expertise. We are preparing pupils for life in the 21st Century. We want pupils to experience a breadth and depth of knowledge across as many subjects. Over time they will focus on fewer and use this foundation to become true experts.  

Our vertically integrated and coherent approach enables all key skills and knowledge to be taught, as well as enabling pupils to connect their learning across the curriculum. 

We believe the greatest form of pastoral care we can give a pupil, is a fantastic set of high quality exam results. 

We believe in individual pupils. Our forensic knowledge of our pupils enable us to tailor our curriculum to each pupil. Our transition processes enables us to understand what skills and knowledge our pupils need to have as they move through each Key Stage. 

Our curriculum approach throughout each Key Stage enables us to closely match the curriculum to the abilities and needs of all pupils. High quality career advice and guidance is given to support ambitions that lie beyond a post Matravers education. 

We believe in the importance of literacy. Our pupils are given opportunities to read regularly so they can understand and articulate the world they live in. They will learn to speak fluently with eloquence using a rich vocabulary in order to be able to express themselves. They will be taught how to write with detail and precision. No pupil should leave our care without the confidence to express themselves. 

We believe in developing an understanding of our place in the world. Our pupils are global citizens and need to be encouraged to show an understanding of global and local issues and demonstrate empathy towards other people and other cultures. Our pupils will be leaders within and beyond their community – a force for good. 

We believe the school day does not finish at the end of formal lessons. We believe in educating the whole pupilOur pupils have access to an extensive range of extra-curricular activities that enrich their skills, knowledge and personal qualitiesNo pupil will opt out; school life is more than the classroom.  

We believe in the benefits of an Arts-rich curriculum for all pupils. Research tells us that pupils who regularly experience art, dance, drama and music become better learners, have a greater appreciation of different cultures, and importantly have a broader understanding of the world.