Matravers School


Pastoral Support

The Matravers Sixth Form enables pupils of all abilities to make progress beyond national expectations across a range of academic qualifications. Achievement in vocational subjects is excellent. Staff have high aspirations for pupils who are keen to work hard, learn well and be successful.

The excellent sixth form curriculum is constantly reviewed to ensure that it meets pupils’ needs very well.  Pupils benefit from a curriculum that includes both academic and vocational courses that means that their post-16 education is well suited to their abilities, skills and aspirations and prepares them well for their next steps. The majority of our pupils progress to either Russell Group or specialist Universities.

Retention within each year is strong because of the curriculum and range of activities for pupils to develop their all-round personal skills and meet their interests.

Behaviour and safety are excellent and sixth form pupils show extremely positive attitudes to their learning. They make superb use of their on-site independent study time to prepare for lessons. Pupils in the sixth form act as positive role models for younger pupils.

Teachers’ strong subject knowledge ensures that pupils are well supported to explore subjects in depth. This helps pupils to cement their understanding and to be able to accurately answer examination questions.

Our non-qualification activities are varied including sports, arts, outdoor education, current affairs and leadership programmes.