Matravers School


Attendance to school

Reporting a child's absence from school

For each day your child is absent from school, please ring us before 8.25am using the answerphone number 01373 855244. 

Please consider carefully the ability your child has to attend before calling. We have the ability to manage minor illnesses and medical conditions in school and will do our upmost to support your child. Examples of authorised illness are: prolonged periods of vomiting (not one off events), flu and diarrhea. 

Should you have a medical concern please do not hesitate to contact your GP for a same day appointment.

School Attendance

Good attendance at school is necessary if students are to receive the education that is their entitlement and fulfil their potential. In recent years, attendance of pupils at Matravers School has been one of the strongest in Wiltshire. Law requires a child’s attendance to school, and therefore should we have concerns regarding attendance you will be notified. We have many supportive strategies for improving individual attendance but ultimately it is the parent's legal responsibility to ensure their child attends school regularly and the school is made aware of the reason for any absence. 

We have put in the following measures to ensure 100% attendance:

  • Instant notifications – If we do not receive a letter or phone call from you, by 9.30am, on the first day of absence then the school will contact you by Intouch message or phone.
  • Ongoing communications- Should we see deterioration in a child's attendance we will inform you via phone or letters. 
  • Attendance will be monitored regularly by Tutors, the Pastoral Team, Progress Leaders and the Education Welfare Officer.
  • If attendance falls below 95% you will receive a letter stating that the school is monitoring your son/daughter's attendance closely. If there is no improvement a School Attendance Meeting (SAM) will be arranged to discuss the reasons for absence.
  • If attendance continues to deteriorate a referral may be made to the Educational Welfare Service. This may result in a Fixed Penalty Notice or a court summons. 


What is considered good attendance?

For a child to get the most out of their education they need to attend school every day. The table below will help you understand the significance of attendance. 


Comparison to national and school averages

Learning lost in one year

Lost education if maintained over 5 years

Educational impact


Minimum expected absence

4 days
20 lessons

20 days
80 lessons

Minor gaps in learning 


Below school average

10 days
50 lessons

50 days
250 lessons

Potential drop in one grade per GCSE

90% and below

Considered persistently absent and unacceptable

19 days 
95 lessons

95 days
(half a school year)
475 lessons

Significant underachievement potentially limiting opportunities in life.

Where can I find my child's attendance?

You can find out the percentage attendance in the following places:

  • Pupil Planner- Weekly cumulative attendance 
  • SIMS Parent app- See attendance to date and daily registered attendance
  • Reports- following a period of assessment you'll receive a report 

Absence during Term Time

The Department for Education states: every day at school counts enormously and so does every consecutive day attended by pupils. Pupils need to be able to absorb new facts and knowledge, acquire new skills and consolidate before building further and progressing. They simply cannot do so if their structured school terms are disrupted by too many preventable absences. Parents do not have a legal right to take children out of school. Headteachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Requests for Leave of Absence

A request for leave of absence must only be considered if:

•     The parent the child normally lives with applies in advance for the absence;

•     There are exceptional circumstances for the absence

If the parent with whom the child normally lives does not apply for the absence this would be considered as an unauthorised absence and this parent would be liable to the issue of a Penalty Notice. Absence cannot be authorised if anybody else applies for the holiday.

All requests for Leave of Absence should be submitted on the form available from Main Reception or from link below. See also Leave of Absence Penalty Notice (Information for Parents and Carers).

Request for Leave of Absence