Matravers School



Parents who apply for a place in the Matravers family are looking for a type of education for their child that blends an incredibly traditional, independent and positive ethos alongside an extensive range of opportunities from which their son or daughter can benefit.

Parents want their son or daughter to experience our bespoke, cutting-edge learning environment, where everyone works together to ensure that their son or daughter achieves their full potential in their academic and personal development.

Parents want their son or daughter to enjoy the opportunity to think creatively, critically and innovatively and possess a strong sense of responsibility, loyalty and moral purpose for the school and the wider community.

Parents want all this to happen to in a calm, focused and purposeful learning environment that is free from disruption of any kind.

Parents want their child to benefit from an environment that has the highest expectations and aspirations for their child.

Through our strong, close partnerships between pupils, their families and school staff we will ensure that every Matravers pupil has the opportunity to let their light shine in whatever arena in which they excel; we will provide the right conditions to ensure that this happens.